CUNY New York - USA
May 28-30, 2019


ABDUL-QUADER Athar - (SUNY Purchase College) Neutrality slides
(Joint work with Roman KOSSAK)

CONANT Gabriel - (Notre Dame University) Tame Expansions of the Group of Integers

DZHAFAROV Damir - (University of Connecticut) The first-order parts of Weihrauch degrees slides
(Joint work with Reed SOLOMON and Keita YOKOYAMA)

GITMAN Victoria - (CUNY) A model of second-order arithmetic satisfying AC but not DC slides
(Joint work with Sy-David FRIEDMAN and Vladimir KANOVEI)

GODZISZEWSKI Michał Tomasz - (University of Warsaw) Π10-computable quotient presentations of nonstandard models of arithmetic slides
(Joint work with joint work with T. SLAMAN and L. HARRINGTON)

HELLER Simon - (The CUNY Graduate Center) Modest automorphisms of Presburger arithmetic slides

KAUFMANN Matt - (University of Texas at Austin) Logical Foundations for the ACL2 Theorem Prover slides
(Joint work with Bob BOYER, J MOORE, and the ACL2 community)

LEE Whan Ki - (Queensborough Community College) Resplendent models generated by indiscernibles slides

LUNDSTEDT Anders - (Stockholm University) Necessarily non-analytic induction proofs slides
(Joint work with Eric JOHANNESSON)

MADELAINE Florent - (Université Paris XII) The descriptive complexity of the P vs NP-complete dichotomy abstract

MILLER Chris - (The Ohio State University) The intrusion of fragments of arithmetic into definability theory of expansions of the real field

MILLER Russell - (Queens College) Hilbert's Tenth Problem for the Rational Numbers and their Subrings slides

SHEYDVASSER Arseniy - (GC CUNY) Applications of Model Theory to Families of Integer Sequences slides

SHOCHAT Erez - (St. Francis College) On Countable Short Recursively Saturated Models of Arithmetic and Their Automorphisms slides

SWITZER Corey - (The CUNY Graduate Center) (L; n)-Models slides

Other JAF 38 participants: Evangelia ANTONAKOS, Henry AFRICK, Julien CERVELLE, Chris CONIDIS, Alfred DOLICH, Ewa GODZISZEWSKA, Roman KOSSAK, Gregory LAFITTE, Alice MEDVEDEV, Philipp ROTHMALER, James SCHMERL, Pierre VALARCHER, & Alex VAN ABEL.

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